Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Module #2 - App Smashing

What is App Activities

Maybe it is something that you have been doing for years and didn't know that there was a cool title like "App Smashing" to name it.

**Smore - This embedded flier was created using Smore. It has a free version or you can subscribe for $59/yr.  Check it out.

You have been introduced to App Smashing and learned about a number of useful apps for creating.  Engage in the following Google Presentation, Welcome to App Smash! 101. Kristi Druvenga of Oelwein Community Schools provides some background about App Smashing, steps for app smashing and then examples.  The interesting part is that she describes them in the form of an equation.

Did you get some ideas?  This is where it gets interesting.  Return to the App Smashing Instructions in BB9 and create your own.