Thursday, August 24, 2017

Module #1 - The Introduction

Welcome to your RWLD.  
The RWLD is a resource page that includes an assortment of Readings, Watchings, Listenings and Doings. This multimedia approach is designed to improve the learning experience in multiple ways:
  • Z-Generation students (ages 6 - 20) think best using multiple forms of input. The RWLD approach provides a variety of forms of information.
  • Even older learners enjoy differing ways to absorb information. RWLDs address differentiated learning needs as well.
Your assignments will be found in the eLearning website.  They may be mentioned in the RWLD, but the real instructions are on each of the assignment sheets.

This week you will complete a number of surveys and inventories as well as creating a media-ography about yourself where you are introducing yourself to your colleagues.  After you have posted your intro, you will respond to some of your colleagues' introductions.  As noted earlier, the specifics of these assignments are not here.
    Watch these videos. They will hopefully provide some interesting perspectives on emerging technology throughout the ages.


    1. Where is the Discussion Forum located?

      1. You will find it in the Module 1 folder on our BlackBoard website

    2. Thank you for providing all of this information on using social media. It has really opened my eyes on the potential of building a professional learning network. I am still finding that I am shy and have anxiety about posting and commenting on other peoples' work, do you have any suggestions on how to overcome that? #UNIDSM