Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Our Badging System

We have developed a badging system for our UNI Instructional Technology Masters Program.   This was a project that Dr. Gao, Dr, Herring and I worked on over the summer.

This badging program is designed to create a means of acknowledging success using a mini-credentialling system.

Setting the Stage

We began by identifying a series of standards to which we could align.  It was decided that the Transformative Learning model would be used as our primary alignment system.  This is a set of Outcomes that describe Transformative Learning as being composed of 4 areas including: 

  1. Global Citizenship
  2. Leadership, Collaboration, and Advocacy
  3. Rapidly Changing Content
  4. Multiple Ways of Learning and Teaching

These 4 areas in this conceptual framework are composed of a variety of characteristics.   Here is a link chart that describes what you see in the star above. 

Reviewing Our Courses

We reviewed our courses and then aligned them with the Transformational Learning framework.

Aligning with ISTE Standards

Once we had made this alignment, we decided to align them with the ISTE Standards for Teachers and Coaches.  This resulted with an in-depth chart of this alignment.      This sort of alignment could be completed with any other sort of standards that might better align with a student's profession or professional goals (i.e., commercial training.)

Identifying Badges

Having completed these alignments, we decided to identify the types of roles or badges that our students would be able to attain while progressing through our UNI Instructional Technology Masters program.

Each of these badges has a specific set of requirements for completion.

 Digital Presence Badge requirements

This badging process is still a work in progress, but as you complete your 2 year cohort you will be earning badges along the way.

Way to Go!!!!

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